Although pinochle is a new activity in the Olympic Newcomers’ Club, interest and participation has already exceeded expectations.  As with most activities, the pinochle group meets monthly, hosted by one of the participants.  The exact date, location and time are listed on the monthly calendar.

During the initial organization meeting, we quickly determined that many of our members learned to play pinochle differently, so we reached an accord regarding the rules.

  • We play double-deck pinochle according to Hoyle.
  • Although we play partners, no cards are passed once the bid is won.
  • For those of you familiar with single-deck pinochle, points for meld and tricks are almost the same, except we remove the last “zero”, i.e., instead of 40 points for a marriage in trump, it’s only 4 points.
  • Bidding can be used to send messages to your partner.

For a more complete explanation of the pinochle style played by the club, click here.

We welcome everyone who knows pinochle, or wants to learn.  However, we strongly suggest that beginners attend a teaching session before attending a regular activity.  We have these events as often as necessary – usually as soon as we have enough students.  For more information or to ask about joining the group, contact pinochle activity chair Gwen Bean..

December Update

When: December 14, 2017
Where: Bob & Wendy Hirotaka’s
Time: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Watch for a broadcast with more information.